We are living in the days of information overload, especially when it comes to food and health (or maybe I’m biased). We do not have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of powders and kitchen gadgets to achieve optimal health. I’m not denying the convenience of having a spiralizer or of the effectiveness of an adaptogen powder, but I do not believe that finances have to be a barrier towards making healthier steps. No matter the financial status, we can make small and realistic steps towards improving our food quality and therefore our health.


Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season and local


Stock up on grains and dried legumes from the bulk bins in your grocery store

(oats, rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils)


Recycle vegetable and herb scraps to make other foods

(vegetable stock, carrot top pesto, sautéed beet greens)


Repurpose your leftovers with a new presentation, spices, or sauces


Limit eating out and get creative in your kitchen


Use your freezer to store bulk portions of protein, fruits, vegetables, and

surplus soup or prepared legumes


Make (and stick to) a grocery list to avoid impulse purchases


Space out purchases of moderate/higher priced food items like cooking oils,

nuts and seeds, nut butters, protein powders, etc


Enjoy more plant-based meals, load up on vegetables and plant-based protein


Avoid food waste by planning out each food’s intended use and buying realistic portions


Make foods from scratch for more servings and to use with various meals (vs. premade)


Overindulge in free health tools like water, laughter, and physical activity

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